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Cazare si croaziere in Delta Dunarii, pe hotelurile plutitoare Anastasia 1 si 2

The Danube Delta is situated where the river Danube flows into the Black Sea, is the largest wetland of Central Europe, and the only declared Biosphere Reservation.

Since ten thousand years ago, at the end of it's 2860 km journey, the river Danube is building one of the most spectacular deltas of the world. Here, in the kingdom of birds and fishes, surrounded by water, water lilies, willows, poplars and reeds, WE, the team of the floating hotels, Anastasia 1 and Anastasia 2 are waiting for you.

Your holidays with us are the outcomes of all our guests' suggestions and wishes.

Don't forget your cameras! We will take care of the rest!

From Germany to Danube Delta by bike
Pictures from Danube Delta
Accommodation in Bucharest
Photographer in Bucharest

Anastasia floating hotels 1 and 2 are the key to accommodation and excursions in the Delta, with a capacity of up to 34 persons in 17 comfortable rooms, a kitchen with the most delicious traditional foods and an own fleet of boats and motor boats.


Cruises in Danube Delta

In our cruises from the Danube Delta we visit what is the most beautifull and representative places. Starting from Murighiol, we make our journey thru the shady canals, on board of our floating hotels Anastasia 1 and Anastasia 2 [...]


Services in Danube Delta

Our program is made out of accomodation, full board and lodging and boat excursions in wonderfull places of the Delta. Arriving closer to the wildness you can discover the charm and the warmth of the glorious nature show [...]

Team building

Team building in Danube Delta

Team building's objective is to enhance team spirit, group awareness, and to consolidate common values. Methods used in team-building are indoor and outdoor games in a variety of ways and views [...]


Fishing in Danube Delta

Fishing will take place from motor boats with boatman and/or from the shore. The number of fishermen in a boat will be of 2 or 3. In addition pike fishing - Perisor, Holbina, Erenciuc, Taranova, Dubcova lakes [...]