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Cazare si croaziere in Delta Dunarii, pe hotelurile plutitoare Anastasia 1 si 2

crap martie doru

crap martie doru

crap martie doru

crap martie doru

crap martie doru

crap martie doru

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Carp fishing in Danube Delta

Carp (Cyprinus Carpio)

Nothing compares to a Danube carp's drill. A big fish reaching up to 45 kg, the wild carp in the Danube Delta represents one of the major options of European fishermen.

Frequent captures are between 7 and 10 kg but those between 12-22 kg aren't a rare sight.

Carp's reproduction lasts from middle April till middle June, period when fishing is forbidden.

The carp prefers waters with low or medium current and with many underwater obstacles (bushes, submerged trunks). That's why, taking into consideration the formidable force of this fish you should be very careful when choosing the appropriate fishing-rods and lines. Pricking an over 10 kg carp is not a problem but capturing it isn't at everybody's ease.

Mentioning that an important role in any fishing party plays choosing and luring the fishing place we present to you 2 of our locations:

Uzlina area

Sfantu Gheorghe branch




Danube water level


Live fishing baits (Tulcea rond)

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