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Cazare si croaziere in Delta Dunarii, pe hotelurile plutitoare Anastasia 1 si 2

Dupa stiuca

Dupa stiuca

Dupa stiuca

Dupa stiuca

Dupa stiuca

Dupa stiuca

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Zander fishing in Danube Delta

Zander (lucioperca lucioperca)

By the way it looks and the name it bears the zander resembles both the pike (lucio) and the pike-perch (perca). Zander prefers clean waters, with sandy or rocky Danube 's or deep lake's bottom. The record in the Danube Delta is of 16 kg – on Razim lake, and frequent captures are between 2 and 3 kg. In the picture you can see a 7,4 kg zander captured and set free on Sfantul Gheorghe branch.

The reproduction period is similar to that of the carp and cat-fish, period when fishing is forbidden.

For a great catch you have to have twisters, live fish or pieces of fish, we show you the places (thresholds).

Here are our 2 locations:

Uzlina area

Sfantu Gheorghe branch

Accommodation on floating hotel *** Anastasia 1 or Anastasia 2, anchored on Sf. Gheorghe branch, km 29 or 44, very close to the best fishing spots.




Danube water level


Live fishing baits (Tulcea rond)

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